Forms of Attack by God TV and its Cronies

Forms of Attack adopted by God TV and its Cronies


Message attack Francipane on Accusation see Elijah List for Frangipane attack on so-called ‘attack sites’
The Elijah List are full of Rory and Wendy Alec friends.
Attempting to dismantle sites like these is just too obvious!!

RHB friends Those who don’t support up and coming prophets are COLD CHRISTIANS. (rodney Howard Browne)
Music attack used in CR editon and Brenan Manning Curse on me personally to dismantle anti youth congregation prayer.which God magnificently answered. WHEN CROSS RHYTHMS DID THIS THEY DIDNT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE HANDLING. THE ATTEMPTED DISMANTLE/DISBAND BACKFIRED ON THEM EXPOSING THEM HORRIBLY.
Prophetic Curse Threat via email.
(Prophetic, characters insufficiently developed to handle what needs to be corrected rebuked and healed in their lives with repentance and tears and all humility)


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