Attackings and Underminings and Criticising and Judgments in Sung Form

LOG Form so people can update it

Tunnel Rats
The Tribe
Cameron Dante TA Project I was target for Cams invective.He couldve called me and we would have discussed it. He and they have done guffs and gotton away with it because of Cross Rhythms uncritical policy of endorsement towards their friends. As a result I am made to suffer and millions or thousands hundreds or thousands suffer and dont understand why. THIS IS TO HELP YOU. I NEED TO CREATE CHURCHES MINISTRIES ETC THAT CAN DEAL WITH FALLOUT FROM MUSOS AVOIDING PERSONAL CONTACT AND PROBLEM SOLVING WHO CHOOSE TO CAUSE HORRENDOUS PROBLEMS INSTEAD.
Cross Rhythms Experiences as a Vehicle.for cursing dismantling of undesirable works with accusing music and soundbites Brenan Manning Curse by Cross R of desires expectations and plans ‘so that you can sing and dance in the powerlessness of a child’ (As if!!)
Edward John Find me guilty Title Track
The Tribe B Boys


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