Criticisms and Judgements Attacks and Underminings

Criticisms and Judgements Attackings and Underminings
In Sung Form***and Prose
Sunday, 01 October 2006
4:42:22 PM The Cross and need to create in order to take all this rubbish and accusation.


‘Many times you don’t understand the Word’ Steve Hill The Bed of Affliction God Channel.

Music as in Service and Music as in Lifestyle. Chris Cole Dream on TV

Rick Joyner and Saints grasp of the Resurrection
The Bed of Affliction Steve Hill often repeated on God TV the assumption being that Christians are struggling with sins rather than being in saved position.
How this constitutes an attack.

Suzi ‘You STILL rolled the stone away’

Dismantling and disbanding Campaign of Churches ,Individaul, Ministries of whatever type.

Plenty of material as it abounds on God Channel.!!

Flakey Christianity No compromise.
Churches Rory Alec
Log Cooperative Forum add.


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