What they say their Callings are

What they say are their Callings

Saturday, 23 September 2006
1:46:39 AM

To chronicle whats happening in the Church
Wendy Alec Prophet Scribe and Seer.(God TV Guide)
Win an entire generation for Christ.(Ads The amount is not important as being there every month Ad)
1bn lost souls into Kingdom (front for other activities of Governmental nature) The size of India .
Creative evangelism.(Wendy Alec)
Global holiness via Francis Frangipane (God TV Guide)
Dismantling and disbanding errant Churches Ministries Organisation P60 The Harvest.( My case and others that will be listed here(
Church Planting via The Call** Hidden Agenda( The Call and Mike Bickle on God TV who works with Joyner)
Prayer Movement ( via The Call)
CCM promotion( via Chris Cole and Cross Rhythms)
Social Concern via Message to Schools and Liberty Centres with Gilead.
Bring prophetic in with Rick Joyner and God TV** Would you wish a Social Concern message from this lot?? I can think of better but grovel grovel creep creep even if you are screaming for deliverance.
Re-position Churches Ministries and Individuals to be aligned with New Move.
Third Wave Church Government Apostolic (Bickle, Joyner, Goll,Jacobs, Elijah List personnel)
Watch out the apostles are coming to a city near you.
City Wide Presbtrys** Francipane Joyner.
Dismantle and Disband and prevent Newsgroups and Websites from forming that are contrary to Gods ie Their purposes. (Mark Goodge who must be prevented from further reaches of power and ousted never to return)


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