‘New Breed’ Forms of Attacks adopted by God TV on a Continuous Basis

Forms of Attacks adopted on continuous basis of God TV Governmental Network


Forms of Attack adopted by God TV Governmental Movement Network include the following

Pictorial of a Fortress and attacking Enemy
We are the devil not them they are too holy!!
Covering up steps and hiding iniquities.
History re-writes put them further into the hole they got themselves in. They rewrite their history. Wendy Alec is spinning God TV history with a few ‘secrets’ (God TV Behind the Screens)
Secrecy. Non transparency and non -accountability to Church.

Using music to attack
It always comes around Seven Day Jesus**
You make me mad Third Day

Prophetic curses on behalf of your favourite prophet.

Email Deletion of legitimate concerns.

I have experienced this. The chances are others have too but we’re not talking about that aren’t we?

Self Aggrandisement in only seeking contact with ‘Significant Leaders within the Body of Christ’ Which is putting the stakes too high causing problems for Church.

The conspicuous lack of a repentance humble weeping spirit in lieu of sufferings caused.
The Big name backing them up so one feels small and insignificant.

Open mockery of Church Dream on TV examples, David Aldous smirking, Rory Alec and plucked eagle Behind the Screens. God tV is coming to America by implication Holy Spirit, Revival etc implying the Church is not walking in Revival which is (life at its BEST full of the grace of God. Selwyn Hughes) or walking in integrity. They do the devils work for him.

Criticising and Judging Attacking and Undermining on a continuous basis.
See Log and Write up C&J’s A&U as one experiences them and then in Jesus Name counter.

One response to “‘New Breed’ Forms of Attacks adopted by God TV on a Continuous Basis

  1. I was born a catholic but i now go to a baptist church and my pastor has seen GodTV and he doesn,t watch it because it raises peoples expectations too much with all their “words of faith can change your reality” nonsense..
    They are quite secretive about their financial dealings and Wendy once said that Benny Hinn used to send them a cheque every month when they first started CCE..also their is no information about what kind of salaries the Alecs are paying themselves and Rory has dreams of making a million or more with media ideas that “God” has given him! All in all it seems to be a very “mammon” orientated ministry and they have the nerve to attack churches who are poor and low in members as not being right with God..they would have more credibility if they were more open about the money situation instead of always saying that God did it IMO………………….Tony Crook

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