GOD TV Misrepresentation of Actual Viewership in Hard Open Honest Statistical Terms*

GOD TV – Home
Rory Alec winced when a guest said That the God TV audience might be between tens of hundreds or hundreds of THOUSANDS. Instead he refered to the SATTELLITE FOOTPRIONT. IT IS ONLY A FOOTPRINT. CONNECTED VIEWERS is an Exaggerated Term which looks better than it statistically is. As they say you can lead a horse to water (the sattellite footprint0 but you cant force it to drink. NIELSON/RAJARS gosh golly gosh shock horror Rory Alec!!)

Nielson Rajars hard statistics per nation are the ONLY FIGURES THAT COUNT.

And Satellite Statistics sent to Channel from each 15 to 10 Sattelite Distribution Platforms.

The Academics amongst us would have this all on rolling Time Series and employ rigorous Data Analysis methods to spot trends, constant activities etc to at least help God TV be scrupulously honest and humble and PRUNED!! (John 15)

Dear Readers Please don’t forget that all God TV’s activities are conducted in an atmosphere of total secrecy and that Data is notoriously difficult to come by. So if God TV is taking this Blog seriously then I must be doing something right and getting facts from the horrific painful desert place called God TV and many helpful Websites done by brave Authors.

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