The Rory and Wendy Show An Opportunity to show that THEIR FRIENDS CAN MAKE MUSIC BUT NOT ME AND OTHERS CENSORED!

The Rory and Wendy Show: Television That Watches Out For You!

Running evidence of the Interview your mates modus operandi that is the lifeblood of God TV and its Cronies.
Friends allowed to make music
Jessie Markee Presenter Dave Markees Daughter
Any Alec child or Cole child
Rick Brock (Cole/ or Markee gives permission on air)
Holy field Evander has band on Rory and Wendy Show so arses prophetically are in the shit to put it mildly.
Assume any friend is accorded the privilige The Hinn Band, the Hill Band (Steve Hill) get the picture.
nb I believe healing is needed globally no holds barred if I am right and if the LORD is HEALING me TOTAL HEALINGS TOTAL STRENGTH EVERY DAY then then.
They might wish to stop it
if they try when they try they FAIL MISERABLY as I know every trick in the book and I can tell the world.


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